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Baby Shower Thank You Cards

Make Your Baby Shower Thank You Cards Memorable

Everyone at your baby shower took the time to buy you something amazing and special. You appreciated every single gift that was purchased for you, and now it’s time to write those baby shower thank you notes. How can you be sure they’re as memorable as possible? These tips can help:

  • Do it Sooner Rather than Later: You’ll want to send those thank you notes out as soon as you can. It helps people understand that you’re thinking about their gifts right after they given them to you.
  • Mention the Gift: As you express your gratitude, you’ll want to actually mention the gift the individual gave you. Whether it was a meal the person dropped off to stick in the freezer until baby arrives or an actual gift, say something like “Thank you for . . .” then list that gift.
  • Explain the Importance: Don’t just leave it at a thank you. Be honest about how much this gift means to you. If you were given a bag of newborn nappies, for instance, you’re probably going to be grateful that you won’t have to head to a shop to grab some when you run out. Acknowledge just why the gift is important and how you and baby will benefit from it.
  • Use Your Own Handwriting: Sure, it’s simpler to send an email, but it certainly doesn’t have the touch you’re looking for. Instead, compose the note in your own handwriting. It will be far more meaningful to the individual.
  • Choose the Right Thank You Cards: We have a great selection of thank you cards for baby shower gifts, so make certain you choose the perfect cards. Select a creative design or something a bit more traditional. No matter what you choose, make sure it expresses your personality well.