Modern Baby Showers – Be Careful

Trying to make sure all your guests are enjoying themselves and mingling at your parties is paramount, of course. But we want to make sure that when we change up some aspect of tradition, whether it is a wedding shower or a baby shower, that we do things that enhance the party – not hurt it. While some traditions definitely need to morph with the modern age, you may want to think twice about a few of these creeping trends when it comes to your own baby shower.

Not opening presents. A current trend is for the new parents-to-be to receive gifts, but to not actually open them on the spot, leaving more time, as the theory goes, to “mingle with our friends.” This trend probably originated from the desire to spend less time displaying who purchased what and more time making friends feel welcome. Unfortunately, some of your relatives, particularly the older ones, may feel really slighted by this gesture. Many guests aren’t competing with each other over presents – they want to see how you, personally, liked their gift. Not opening presents robs that moment.

Writing your own thank-you cards? Another trend is to have guests fill out their own return envelopes with their addresses in order to receive a thank-you card. This has several purposes. First, it reduces the likelihood that you will accidentally leave someone out who got you a gift. You’re able to collect addresses. But someone should be able to attend your shower without bringing you a gift (rare, but could happen). Sometimes filling out your own baby shower thank-you envelope can feel a bit…mercenary? Be mindful that you aren’t giving the impression that you are too busy to worry about looking up someone’s address!

As you work to create the perfect baby shower, be careful. Not all of today’s trends are actually a good idea in your life!

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