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Build Better Party Invitations With These Tips

Big party coming up? Whether it’s your child’s birthday party or a bigger event, the right invitations are actually more crucial than you think. After all, you spend quite a bit of time planning a party like this. Shouldn’t this be your crowning achievement?

It All Starts With the Party Invite

That perfect invite all starts with the invitation itself. At All-Ways Design, we have a great selection to choose from, so you’re certain to get exactly what you want, no matter what the actual occasion might be. From baby showers to birthday parties, we have exactly what you want right now. Select one that sets the mood for the event right away so people can know what to expect.

Timing Is Everything

Make certain you send your invitations at least three weeks in advance. That may mean you need to do a bit of advanced planning so you have plenty of space to order and address each invite.

Be Sure to Include . . .

As you prepare, you’ll want to give the date and time, as well as the location. Include any other information your guests might need like whether to bring a gift, what type of attire is expected, and the name of the celebrant (if your invitation doesn’t already make that obvious). The location may be hard to find, too, so it’s often helpful to include directions and a map.

Consider Matching Stationary

Once you order the invites, you may want to order something similar to handle any Thank You cards you have to address after the party. Often you can find an exact match, helping to complete the ensemble perfectly.

Start planning your next party now with our invitations.

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