Save The Date Cards

Are Save The Date Cards Actually Necessary?

There are so many different things to think about as you plan the wedding, and one of them is save the date cards. They’re a great way to announce your wedding and create some real excitement among your guests. If you’re buried under your to-do list, though, you may be thinking about ignoring this important aspect. Don’t! Save the Dates are the single best way to help your guests plan in advance.

A Bit of History

While most couples send Save the Date cards now, it hasn’t always been that way. In fact, it’s only within the last few decades that they’ve become popular. These days, it seems almost everyone’s schedule is booked months in advance, and if you’re planning a wedding, you want to be sure all of the important guests in your life can be there. Save the Date cards can help you do just that.

The Basics

Wondering what to say and when to send? Take a look:
• It’s customary to send your cards at least four months in advance. If you plan to have a destination wedding, go ahead and send those out six months in advance.
• On the card, you’ll want to include the date itself, but you’ll also want to include both of your names as well as the words “Invitation to Follow.” You should also include the location of the event.
• You can be as formal or as informal as you like with the wording. If your wedding is going to be a standard, very proper affair, then go with something a bit more formal. If you’re just having some friends to the wedding and you don’t want the traditional feel of a wedding, use terms like “tying the knot.”

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