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The Best Wording for Wedding Thank You Cards

The gifts are all unwrapped, the ceremony is over, and in front of you sits a pile of blank wedding thank you cards you know you have to complete some time. Sooner is always better, but what are you actually going to say on all of these cards? This equation may help you put it together.

Step 1: Start Personal

    You’ll want to make sure you start with “Dear” then the person’s name. Something like “Dear Aunt Mildred,” is perfect. It should look, and feel, a bit like a formal letter, and you want the individual to know you’re actually addressing him or her personally from the start.

Step 2: Say Thank You

    Starting with a mention of your gratitude is absolutely essential. Something like “Thank you for . . .” or “I wanted to thank you for. . .” is ideal in this situation. The entire point is to say “Thanks,” so do it immediately.

Step 3: Mention that Gift!

    You’ll want to say something about the actual gift. Finishing that thank you sentence with a vague idea like ” . . .thank you for the gift you gave us.” makes you sound insincere. What’s more, though, is that the person may think you don’t actually know what he or she gave you, and that can create some real hard feelings. List the gift, and you can avoid that. “Thank you for the lovely blanket,” is sufficient. In the event it was a cash gift, it’s fine to say something like, “Thank you for your generous gift,” as long as you follow it up with a note that implies it was cash like, “It will go a long way toward helping us pay for a holiday together.”

Step 4: It Is Significant Because . . .

    Don’t forget to mention why that gift is important to you. “We appreciate it because we didn’t have pots and pans yet, and this will help furnish the kitchen in our new flat,” is perfect.

Step 5: Wrap it Up

    Thank you notes don’t have to be long. Once you’ve followed each of the above steps, you can thank the person again or say something like, “I can’t wait to see you next week.” From there, you can simply sign your names and move forward.

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